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UF/IFAS Advancement

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Steven Che


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Post-graduation plans 

After I graduate, I want to complete my dietetics internship to become a registered dietitian. Then, I will combine my education in nutrition and my passion in culinary arts to engage in meaningful work that will bring social change and positively impact the community.

Why did you choose the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences? 

CALS has provided me with numerous opportunities and resources to grow and reach my goals. From providing the resources and space to be able to run my very own organization, the Culinary Arts Student Union, to providing connections that has led to my summer internship. The opportunities at CALS are endless.

How has philanthropy affected you? 

Scholarships have affected me greatly throughout my college career. As an international student who does not quality for many of the federal or state scholarships, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences' donors have relieved many of my financial strains and have allowed me to participate fully in school and my involvement in organizations. I may not have had the same financial opportunities without the philanthropy of others.

Why should alumni give back to CALS? 

Donations, no matter how large or small, make an impact on our lives as students. By giving back, alumni will provide current and future students with resources and motivation to achieve. Private donations provide opportunities that would otherwise not exist, and allow students, like myself, to participate fully by offsetting the strain of finances.

Steven Che

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Behind every gift, there’s a story. A proud donor, a grateful recipient and far-reaching impacts impossible to measure.