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UF/IFAS Advancement

UF/IFAS Advancement

Student Philanthropy Profiles


Daniel Greenwell


Tallahassee, FL

Post-graduation plans 

I would like to attend graduate school as a master’s student focusing on Public Horticulture at Auburn University.

Why are you proud to be in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences?

I am proud to be in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences because it is literally the best college at UF. The faculty and advisors are very student centric. I walk the halls in my department building and I just about have to stop and talk to all the faculty. The students and faculty in my department have become my family.

How are you involved on campus?

I have been a CALS Ambassador since the fall of 2014 helping to promote the programs within CALS. I am also an active member of the Environmental Horticulture Club. This past fall I was the head grower for the club poinsettia crop that is sold in December.

How has philanthropy affected you?

Scholarships have greatly helped me in making it through two years of college at UF with zero debt. Several people have helped to fund trips to conferences with money from their own pockets. Philanthropy has had a huge impact on my college experience and I am very grateful for it.

Daniel Greenwell

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Behind every gift, there’s a story. A proud donor, a grateful recipient and far-reaching impacts impossible to measure.