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UF/IFAS Advancement

UF/IFAS Advancement

Student Philanthropy Profiles


Gabby Milanes


Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Post-graduation plans 

As of now, my plans include attending graduate school and studying public health to help me determine whether I want to go to medical school or veterinary school. If I decide on medical school, I would like to study pathology and become a medical examiner. If I decide on veterinary school, I would like to focus on small animals and become a shelter veterinarian.

Why did you choose the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences?

I am proud to be part of CALS for more reasons than I can list. Some of the reasons that have affected me most include:

  • My major: entomology and nematology is one of the subjects I don't think I could ever get enough of. The professors are intelligent and caring, the subject is hands-on, and the department is much like a close knit family. 
  • The dean's office: as an ambassador, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and interact with all of the faculty and staff in the dean's office on more than one occasion. Not only are all of the faculty and staff intelligent and funny but they also have a way making you feel included in the college and cared for even when you are stressed out with school work and personal problems. 
  • Opportunity: While there are numerous opportunities within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, one that has changed my life is the CALS Leadership Institute. A 3-semester long program, it has not only helped me develop my personal leadership skills but it has also helped me develop group leadership skills. CALS LI has taught me the value of reflecting on my judgements and actions as well as the most effective method of planning goals for my life, keeping with them, and learning from my experiences so I can consistently better myself.

How has philanthropy affected you? 

Philanthropy has had a large influence on me at the University of Florida. It has given me the ability to focus more on academics and less on my financial situation, thus allowing me to be less stressed. Donors have also helped to support the organizations that make me feel more at home at UF by giving me a place I feel I belong (CALS Leadership Institute, CALS Ambassadors, entomology club, and Alpha Epsilon Delta). Without these organizations, I strongly believe I would not be the person I am today.

Why should alumni give back to CALS? 

Alumni should give back to CALS for a couple reasons. For one, CALS offers many different scholarships unique to its students ranging from academics to travel to accomplishment based merits. Secondly, CALS supports extension events within organizations such as CALS Ambassadors to help recruit potential new students and educate the community about UF, IFAS and opportunities within agriculture. Thirdly, technology is forever advancing and keeping the classrooms up-to-date is costly to the college. With donations from alumni, CALS and the University of Florida are both better able to keep up-to-date with these technologies to provide the best learning tools for students and prepare them for their profession. 

Gabby Milanes

Behind every gift, there’s a story. A proud donor, a grateful recipient and far-reaching impacts impossible to measure.